Katrina Eugenia is a photographer, painter, and writer based in New York City. Mentor Lawrence Schiller, who she has shot for in addition to shooting for Playboy, BlackBook, and Lapham’s Quarterly, has called her a “surrealist-photojournalist.” The Wall Street Journal covered her first solo exhibition, “Eugenia Universe,” in December 2011: “Feminine Takes on Masculine World.”

            Most recently, she shot the stills for Blind, starring Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore, and Dylan McDermott, coming in 2016. She is the face and photographer for Christine Lingerie. She also recently posed for David LaChapelle in his latest project set to premiere in 2016.

            Eugenia grew up in New Jersey, where she spent her time painting and hiding in the school’s dark room. She interned for Bruce Weber while studying photography at Pratt Institute. She is credited for assisting with his book: CARTIER I LOVE YOU (Celebrating 100 years of Cartier in America.) In 2014 shot behind-the-scenes photojournalism for Steven Klein.

            Currently, Eugenia is focused on finishing her first book, Alpha, a memoir about the year she spent photographing masculine environments in New York for her thesis, and continues to shoot and paint for commissions and for herself. Here you will find some of her work, ranging for portraits of the Coney Island Polar Bear Jumpers to Oliver Stone, to self-portraits and more.